Technical malfunctions at Borealis (1997)
Daft Punk
Borealis Festival, 1997
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"On stage, we don’t use pre-recorded tapes or a central computer that runs the machines. We control our instruments live: drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers. There are so many variables that each concert is different. Sometimes, like at Borealis, it doesn’t work. But at least people realize then that we can lose control." - Thomas, 1997 (x)

This show at Borealis was really great but also riddled with technical problems. The worst was this moment at the start of Around The World. They finally get it going but 20 seconds or so later there’s another hiccup with the sampler and the drum machine. Full set: (x)

I just saw an article describing Thomas as “the tall, curly-haired brunette” and Guy-Man as “the short, rather chubby one with long hair”.

The best always lies ahead. You shouldn’t have a retrospective way of thinking.
— Thomas, May 2013 (x)

Interviewer: Do you also go dancing?

Guy-Man: We’re the ones standing at the bar.

Thomas: Sometimes we just go dancing. You know, in really small, enclosed rooms, where just a few fit. We like that.

From Intro Magazine, May 1997 (x)

DP on sad lyrics:

Thomas: “Dance music needs this emotional depth. This contrast of sadness and happiness. It’s always easier to create something just a little sad or just happy. But combining the two in a song, that’s the art.”

Guy-Man: “That’s the great thing: you can be insanely happy and crying at the same time. Ideally while dancing you get a feeling like a volcanic eruption, bubbling over in all directions. It’s not only black and white, but many shades in between. Our albums have always tried to portray a broad spectrum of emotions. Some of our tracks are very dark, but you can still play them in the club, maybe because they have an uplifting bass-line and a pretty melody.”

From Intro Magazine, May 2013

Our money, which we earn from record sales, is invested in other projects - music videos, multimedia. We’re willing to spend all of it, every penny, just to achieve a desired effect.

Thomas, in an interview with some Polish magazine from 2008

Here is Thomas’ 2002 set at Europe 2, one of my favorite sets ever. Just thought I’d share because it’s been my jam this morning. There’s a little interview in French at the end, too, where he lists all the tracks. Full tracklisting here.

We are robots, but we don’t function like robots.
— Thomas, Rock & Folk, March 2001 (x)
The problem with live shows is that some nights you have people who think your stuff is great, and other nights, you’re really less good, especially if synths fail, because then there’s not much else you can do.
— Guy-Man on performing, in a March 2001 interview with Rock & Folk (x)

Giveaway Winner!

Sorry for the delay on selecting a winner for the giveaway— I was having some technical difficulties with Tumblr not showing all of your reblogs (I think it was a spam filter). Tumblr Support was useless so I had to go in myself and add reblogs for those of you who reblogged a lot, and get the numbers to match up. 

I wanted to post after I got permission from the winner to share their URL, but I cannot get in touch with them privately as they do not have their ask box open.

ale375, you are the winner! Please contact me by ask or email (link on my blog) so I can get these records to you!

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