Our three albums were made with completely different methods. Things had changed enormously between 1995 and 2005, both in the way we listened to music and in the way we made it. Discovery, in 2001, had been extremely fine-tuned. Human After All goes against that. Ten songs in ten days. No tricks, no safety net. Just truth and vulnerability.
— Thomas on Human After All (from that 2006 French interview I’m still working on)
But if [the robots] commit suicide, there might be a hope, in a story of science-fiction: it might mean that they are going to be successful and become human. This is the paradox of suicide, an act that defines humanity.
— Thomas, in response to an interviewer saying that Electroma was surprisingly dark. From a 2006 French interview I will be posting in full soon.
When Myspace launched, I remember a “friend request” came from [Nile Rodgers]. So the Daft Punk logo was on Nile’s page. It was something like a dream for us.
— Guy-Man, May 2013 (x)


beach boys.

The cutest part about this is that Thomas is giving directions to that little girl awww


Daft Punk Live in Mexico City
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Some of the variations from that Alive 2007 show in Mexico City.

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We really like quality control, being involved in all the processes surrounding Daft Punk.
— Thomas, being asked about the Bandai action figures. He said they were “unfortunately” unable to go see the manufacturing themselves, but their creative office was closely monitoring their production. (x)

I did a little updating today on my Alive 2007 Masterpost, namely adding a few video clips for the show in Mexico City, as well as updating the full audio link from a Youtube video to an actual mp3 hosted on Archive.org. 

The show in Mexico City is one of my favorites because it is a really good example of how the Alive shows worked— the timing and cues are exactly the same as on the CD, but the samples used, the mixing, etc. are different, at times very noticeably so. (In all the shows you can usually notice that when the vocal samples “stutter” the pattern is always different.) Standout tracks that really differ from the CD: Robot Rock, Technologic, Too Long/Steam Machine (specifically Aura Rock).

Anyway, I’ve taken the mp3 file and split it into tracks (the timing matches exactly with the live CD) and made some artwork for it. There’s a spot of weird silence at the very end of Prime Time Of Your Life but it’s otherwise perfect. Enjoy! :]

[Download zip file here]

From Busy P’s Alive 2007 tour blog (x)

From this great article from In The Mix:

A consortium of promoters had secured [Daft Punk] to DJ at the first-ever Apollo Festival, which was pitched as ‘Australia’s biggest-ever 100-percent electronic/dance music festival’. Apollo would come to Sydney on 7 February 1998, then do Melbourne the following Saturday.

In early February, the international acts started jetting in from around the world. Thomas Bangalter arrived at the airport with his record bag, but no Guy-Manuel. “Guy had a flying phobia and completely chickened out at the last minute,” McNeill remembers. “Thomas just came with his girlfriend. I remember eating Chinese in Chinatown with him, having a laugh about Guy’s flying phobia. Thomas was in his early-20s, a small guy with a French accent and a cute girlfriend, just writing these massive records.”


'Fresh' Music Video - Rehearsal of the Shot

I haven’t seen this around anywhere, so I decided to upload it. It’s from the D.A.F.T. DVD, and it’s basically a run-through of the Fresh music video. I think Thomas is filming it, though he might just be off to the side somewhere. There are some bits in French I don’t understand but the rest is in English.