Meeting 18-year-olds who listened to our first singles when they were 6, my son’s age right now, clearly does not make us feel any younger…
— Thomas, Tsugi Magazine, November 2007 (x)

Live chat with Daft Punk hosted by M6 Radio, 2001

I finally finished it! Here is a chat DP did online some time in 2001. It was just before Daft Club opened and the album was released in France, so I’m assuming March, but it was listed as being in September…

Anyway, I found this on the Internet Archives— just the first part. The link to the full chat was never archived, but I was able to find the full chat on DW’s blog. The original source had DP’s individual names next to their answers, but DW’s version has no names, so after a certain point I wasn’t sure who was answering and just put “DP”. I also removed questions that Daft Punk did not answer, because most of them were just whining about the moderator not putting their questions through. I tried to keep the formatting as close to the original as possible, for that authentic chat room experience, hehe.


Hello, we are very happy to welcome Daft Punk!
Guy-Manuel: I just got here, Thomas is expected soon, he’s stuck in traffic, it’s nice to be here!

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They had to put little grips on their fingers for their performance!!!!

The fun little surprise I’ve been working on is an internet chat Daft Punk did in 2001 for the French release of Discovery. Thomas and Guy-Man offer lots of bad jokes and emoticons. It’s really long and I’m trying to translate it well enough for Americans to understand it (there are a lot of idioms and cultural references I’ve had to explain), so it’s been taking a while. But for now, a preview!

Q: Do you have any hobbies in your free time?
A: Bodybuilding and tanning mostly.

Q: What does Daft Punk mean to you?
A: Dogs Androids Firemen Tomatoes Pizza Unconventional No Komment.

Q: Why did you choose Romanthony to sing on One More Time?
A: Because Cher was not available anymore :-)))))

Q: Which one of you is better? Thomas or Guy?
A: Thoguy.

Technikart, July 2006. Thomas talks about Electroma, movies, Paul Williams, Human After All, turning 30, and more!

We get a few interesting factoids, like the budget for Electroma (1.2 million Euros, all paid out of pocket), what movie theaters he and Guy-Man frequented as teenagers, and why they decided not to do promotion for Human After All (“out of integrity”).

[Download hi-res scans and my translation here]

Here is an interview from an old German fanzine, Der Wahrschauer, circa April 1997. Thomas and Guy-Man are spending 3 days in Germany to promote Homework, and they have ~35 interviews to do. These journalists only get a chance to speak with them because another interview has been cancelled, and time is running so short that they end up having to conduct this interview in the backseat of a van on the way to another one. Guy-Man only speaks twice, but that’s because he was asleep most of the way. He does pop in to offer a one-liner in terrible English, though.

This was translated by the lovely kimbk, who is fantastic and included translator’s notes so English-speakers and those unfamiliar with Germany can figure out what’s going on.

[Download full-res scan and translation here]


First miracle :)

I think that giving people our music to listen to is the most personal thing we can give, because it is really us. And showing that is much more of a commitment to our audience than showing ourselves physically. We show instead our taste.
— Thomas, April 1997, in an interview with the Montreal Mirror

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have been frantically studying for an exam in the morning, and between that and work I have had pretty much no time to post anything substantial. But after I deal with all of my real life business I will get that 2006 French interview posted, as well as a 1997 German interview that was graciously and expertly translated by kimbk.

Also, I didn’t forget about the giveaway; I am just busy getting the “prizes” together… :]